New Year Japanese Meal Plate 2024

ISE Surawongse's New Year Japanese Meal Plate 2024


  • Sweet Braised Black Beans in Red Wine
  • Dried Sardines with Caramelised Sugar and Peanuts
  • Japanese Sweet Rolled Omelette
  • Pickled Kombu Seaweed and Dried Squid with Soy Sauce, topped with Seafood
  • Octopus Ceviche
  • Grilled Yellowtail with Sea Urchin Sauce
  • Dried Persimmon Cream Cheese
  • Sweet Chestnuts Egg Tart
  • Burdock Chicken Roll
  • Assorted Simmered Vegetables
  • Softshell Shrimp with Avocado Mayonnaise
  • Meatloaf Maison with Demiglass Onion Sauce
  • Roasted Duck Breast with Red Wine Soy Sauce
  • Beef Sushi Rolls (Roast Beef Sushi, Seared and Chopped Hokkaido Beef Gunkanmaki Roll, Braised Beef Thick Sushi Roll)

Dine-In exclusively available on 1st January 2024:
1,390 baht++ per person/set

*With a complimentary small glass of Sake

Takeaways also available in the evening of 31st December 2023 or 1st January 2024
1,390+ per set

Very limited stock and advanced reservations are required for this specile meal set.

For all dine-in customers, we will serve complimentary dishes:

- "Toshikosi" Soba noodles on 31st December 2023 
- "Ozoni" or Grilled Mochi (Rice Cake) in Japanese dashi stock on 1st January 2024 

*Limited stock, first-come-first-served basis, served in small bowls. 1 set/adult or 2 kids. 

Book now your New Year in Japanese style!