Party Course inclusive of 2 hours free-flow

Here below are very much popular party course menu inclusive of 2-hours free-flow alcoholic beverage.
Once you get the date and the members, please call us to book your table! (with advanced booking only)

Courses below are inclusive of 2-hours beverage package including: Draught Beer, Highball (Whiskey soda), Shochu (Barley / Sweet Potato), Japanese Sake, Plum liquor (Umeshu), Shochu cocktails and soda (soft drink).

Combined with these courses, 20% savings will be applied for additional wines (bottles only).

1,300 Baht pp (min. 4 persons)

Today’s Cold Appetizers (5 items)

Today’s Hot Appetizers (2 items)

Today’s Salad

Main Courses of your choice (2 items)

  • Japanese-Sichuan style Stir-fried Tofu and Chicken in Black Bean and Chili sauce
  • Japanese-Chinese style Fried Chicken Thigh with Leek sauce
  • Kyushu style Fried Chicken with Tartar sauce
  • Baby Sardines Ajillo
  • Japanese Ginger Pork Steak (ISE Surawongse original menu)
  • Braised Beef with Tofu (ISE Surawongse original menu)
  • Char-grilled Jerk Chicken (ISE Surawongse original menu)

Yakitori Assortment 2 skewers per person

Oyako Don or Ramen noodle of your choice (1 choice per person)

  • Mini or Mini-mini Oyako Don
  • Mini or Mini-mini Yuzu Shio Oyako Don
  • Mini Sichuan Dan Dan noodle
  • Mini Chicken stock Ramen, Soy sauce flavour
  • Mini Chicken and Bonito stock Ramen, salt flavour
  • Mini Leek Ramen
  • Mini Coriander Ramen
  • Mini Shrimp and Chicken stock Ramen
  • Mini Vegetable Ramen (Salt or Miso)
  • Mini Sichuan spicy Mala Ramen

1,600 Baht pp (min. 4 persons)

Appetizer Platter (5 items)


  • Roast Beef Salad

Raw Fish Appetizers

  • Seafood Tartar
  • Vinegared Mackerel Carpaccio

Hot Appetizers

  • Stuffed Chicken Wing
  • Onion Rings

Fish Main Course

  • Sauteed Fish Filet in creamy seaweed sauce

Meat Main Course

  • Char-grilled Hanger Steak served with fermeted black beans & red wine sauce & seasonal cegetables


  • Spaghetti Yuzu Pepper Sauce, Chicken & Mushrooms


  • Homemade Sherbet

All prices are quoted in Thai Baht, per person, inclusive of 7% service charge and 7% of governmental tax.
Please consult us in case of any food restriction or preference.