ISE’s Signature Dish

Every one come to ISE restaurant for this reason!

Oyako Don – Chicken & Egg Bowl

Enjoy the taste of the ISE main shop in Kanda, Tokyo.
The richness of the chicken bone stock, which has been carefully cooked over 3 days, is the decisive factor for the taste.
This is ISE’s signature not to miss, especially for those who had once eaten Oyako Don somewhere else, you will definitely see the difference.

Chef’s Creation

Our Japanese chef creates a variety of dishes inspired by his favourite sake & wine.
As a Japanese izakaya, we simply pursue delicious food by making full use of the ingredients and techniques from all over the world!

Reba Ponzu – Fondant Chicken Liver

Chicken liver smoothly finished with “sous-vide” technique, at a lower temperature that does not break the protein cells, it literally melts in your mouth with a pleasantly thick texture and flavour. Combine with dry sake!

Jerk Chicken

Drinking orange wine, his imagination flies far into Central America. This dish is his interpretation of Jamaican soul food into Izakaya. As it goes so well with wine, beer and Shochu soda, it quickly became a popular menu item at our restaurant.

Good Old “Yoshoku” or European cuisine in Japanese style

Since the opening of Japan’s first Western restaurant in Nagasaki in 1863, the Japanese have developed our Japanese-European cuisine especially under the influence of French cuisine, to suit available ingredients in Japan and our tastes. “Yoshoku” or Western dishes in Japanese style has been familiar to all of us since we were kids. But in fact, it’s an adult feast that takes the time and effort of the chef.

Hamburg in Mushroom Demiglace sauce

This menu has always been in the top three of our guests’ lunch choice since its launch.
Chef has been making small improvements from time to time to make it meatier and richer than before. Enjoy the demiglace sauce which he does not any ready-made products and makes from beef tendon over a few days.