ISE Surawonge’s Special New Year Meal Plate 2023

ISE Surawonge’s Special New Year Meal Plate 2023

(Limited stock and reservations / settlement required)




Braised Black Beans in Brown Sugar

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Chestnut

Dried Sardines with Caramelised Sugar and Peanuts

Pickled Kombu Seaweed and Dried Squid with Soy Sauce, topped with Seafood

Japanese Sweet Omelette in Two Colours


Sake Lees marinated Salmon

Pâté de Campagne Maison

Mustard-marinated Beef Tongue

Softshell Shrimp with Sea urchin Grain sauce


Assorted Simmered Vegetables

Braised Abalone with Tapenade sauce

Rice Malt marinated Roast Pork with Yuzu citron sauce


Open Sushi Rolls (Tuna with Pickled Japanese Radish, Whitebaits with Vinegared Lotus Root, Japanese grilled Eel with Egg)


Dine-In on 1st January 2023

1,280 baht++ per person/set

*With a complimentary small glass of Sake


Takeaways on 31st December 2022 or 1st January 2023

1,280 baht+ per set

*Available from the evening of 31st December 2022


For all dine-in customers, we will serve complimentary dishes:

(Limited stock, first-come-first-served basis, served in small bowls)


– Soba noodles on 31st December 2022

What about enjoying Yakitori before picking up your special meal for New Year?


– Grilled Rice Cake in Japanese dashi stock on 1st January 2023

Very traditional Japanese New Year!


Book now to celebrate a New Year in Japanese style!